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Our resident stylist, Elysha Lenkin will be featured on this page in the months to come.  For now, check out her cool, helpful blog. New feature on kids clothes: Bu and the Duck, and other simple, gorgeous styles.

Welcome to Spring!
Best spring and summer styles to come.

Fall/Winter 2009/2010

I asked Elysha what she thought about
leggings. Now I just have to go buy a new pair, or two.

In June, Elysha helped me overhaul my closet. I did it myself at the end of the summer to transition to fall.  

When re-organizing your closet, first make piles

  • What to keep
  • What to have tailored or just fixed (that dress with the broken zipper)
  • What  to give away (that beige raincoat that just never looked great)
  • What to throw away (items that turn out to be stained or ripped, cannot be altered, that wouldn't be of use)

We reorganized the closet into groups

  • Tshirts
  • Nice shirts
  • Jeans
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters/Shrugs/Top Layer Pieces

Choosing what to wear has become much faster in the morning, and when I open my closet I’m not overwhelmed.
Keeping your jewelry accessible is essential if you actually want to wear it.  I keep mine hanging  on an inverted ring stand I picked up at the Container Store a couple of years ago.

Between different stores, websites, catalogues and hand-me-downs we dress our children.  Some things I’ve discovered:

  • signing up on website mailing lists means you will receive notice and usually discounts when new merchandise is released, and certainly towards the end of each season
  • if you don’t take the tags off clothing and the price is reduced, some big stores offer you the difference as a “price adjustment”
  • Look in big stores for one or two great items, even if you don’t like the majority of the collection. 
  • If you are searching for snug fitting cotton pajamas (not treated with flame retardant) The Children’s Place makes very well priced footed, zip up sleepers.  The Children’s Place also has socks with good non-skid bottoms in lovely colors.
  • Take advantage of the idea of swapping clothes with people in your neighborhood-- this is especially helpful if you’ve bought ahead and misjudged sizes, etc. 


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